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My name is Amina, as you can see I am many things. My key thing at the moment is the PhD. My research focuses on highly skilled and highly qualified migrant women and their inclusion into leadership and entrepreneurship. I place emphasis on the woman’s lens, working across corporations, small and medium enterprises (SME) and individual businesses or sole proprietorships. I align my research with the current international discourse on gender balance in leadership, and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals; #SDG5 – Gender Equality and #SDG10 – Reducing Inequalities.


Research Invitation

Highly Skilled Migrant Women Research Participants Wanted

I am a PhD student at De Montfort University. 

I am seeking Asian and African Women to help understand the drivers & barriers affecting Highly Skilled Migrant Women applying for senior leadership positions.

Do you hold a postgraduate certificate or higher?
Do you work in the public sector?
Did you come to the UK as an adult?

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"I highly recommend Amina’s services for you. Amina is very professional, Energetic, Motivational & Friendly. You can easily discuss all your confidential matters. She gives her full attention to you as a client and makes you know you are important. I have gained clarity of direction in my career and dramatically improved my job prospects. I received great ideas on how to make myself stand out to the competition in seeking business or employment. Amina has the following great qualities; Friendliness and professionalism, great ideas to improve my life and start working towards my goal. Her coaching questions made me think for myself what the best direction in my career was. She helped me a lot when I was confused. Now I feel relaxed and calm, and I have a great future ahead.”
Amina Chitembo Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Book Writing Testimonial Ahsan Chaudhry
Ahsan Chaudhry
Project Manager, (Oriental Institute of Technology), Pakistan
"As a mother who spent ten years at home looking after children, I joined Amina as an employee of her charity. Amina quickly saw potential in me and became my coach and mentor. She is selfless, supportive, professional and always wants people to succeed. My husband and I are business owners.  We were juggling work and three girls. It was all getting tiring, managing time and the staff was not easy, and the business was starting to suffer. Amina helped me develop a flexible plan than that help us to turn things around, which have improved our energy and help us to perform better in the business. She was a great coach for my career journey. I am now the first ever Asian Woman and only the second ethnic minority person to hold political council office in West Sussex. Give her a go and let the results speak for themselves. You won’t regret it!”
Amina Chitembo Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Book Writing Testimonial Cllr Ferdousi Henna Chowdhury
Cllr Ferdousi Henna Chowdhury
Politician and Owners of Little Magna Restaurant, UK
"Amina is very inspiring. She motivates me to achieve better results and get the most out of myself and my team. She doesn't tell me what to do but leads me to think outside of the box, look at future visions, have a clear focus for my work. Her wealth of experience and knowledge has benefited Hampton Tiddlers immensely. What is more, she helped Hampton Tiddlers to get the funding that we desperately needed in February 2017. Now we can offer more service and activities for the children and their families in Peterborough and surrounding areas."
Amina Chitembo Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Book Writing Testimonial Faustina Yang
Faustina Yang
Non-Profit Organisation Founder and Chairperson, UK
“I met Amina at an event in 2017. For a long time, I had dreamt of becoming a published author. Since I started working with Amina as my book writing coach and publisher, I have written and published four solo books and co-authored another three books. Her efficiency and mentorship have been impeccable and invaluable. She is a good coach because she is not afraid to challenge your thinking. She can be tough, but it is all because she wants your work to be the best quality possible.  I thank God for linking us, and I have many more books to come. If you want a great boo coach, Contact Amina.”
Amina Chitembo Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Book Writing Testimonial Clara Meierdierks
Clara Meierdierks
Award-winning Author, and International Speaker, Germany
“I have been working with Amina for over ten years now. She has not only changed my way of thinking but my attitude towards life too. She is a great trainer and coach; she is a High Performer who uses unique tools to help her clients to achieve their goals. Her courses are laid in such an easy to follow way but offer great depth.”
Amina Chitembo Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Book Writing Testimonial Hanna Moore
Hanna Moore
Business Associate, CEO/ Realtor, Jacksonville, USA