The Big Why? Amina International Women’s Day Address

Happy commemoration of International Women’s Day 2019.

Celebrating Self-Inclusion into Leadership

I want to talk about my passion for self-inclusion for women, especially women over 40. Sometimes we give up, we look after the whole world and leave ourselves behind.

You may have realised that I am incredibly passionate about Leadership and Self-Inclusion for women. I am always intrigued at how much potential we have and yet how little we use our potential to push ourselves forward. After all, a woman who is a boss is more likely to support the family and the community better.

I like pushing myself, and I think this is a perfect day for me to announce that as of 1 April 2019, I will be returning to education. Yes, you heard me right. I am becoming a student at De Montfort University Leicester, where I will be undertaking my PhD for the next three years. Without boring you too much, let me share with you what my business doesn’t and why I am so passionate about Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion.

Who and Why ‘Diverse Cultures Advice and Coaching’ and ‘Diverse Cultures Publishing’.

Diverse Cultures offers organisations training and coaching that is modern, practical, and engaging.  Our training and coaching assists in increasing cultural competencies. It is important because for the following reasons:

Leadership development, Diversity and Inclusion increases customer satisfaction, market share and competitive positioning

The most critical business growth result increases in customer satisfaction, market share and competitive positioning (at home and globally). The world demographics are shifting, and global markets have flattened. Awareness and skills received through diversity and inclusion training and proper leadership development programmes for upcoming managers help employers and teams to be able to relate to clients who differ and offer services to suit other people’s varying needs.

Leadership development, Diversity and Inclusion training increases workplace productivity.

Organisations are looking to increase operational efficiencies, employee morale and motivation. Those organisations utilising the awareness and skills provided by diversity and inclusion training create a workplace where all employees’ talents and ideas. As a result, organisations have higher employee retention rates, improved individual, and team engagement, morale, and higher performance — enhanced workplace staffing attraction of diverse talent in their increased and increased growth. People from different backgrounds with varying experiences produce more actionable ideas. A diverse organisation can foster creativity, inclusiveness and meet the needs of both customers and staff.  Implementing a diversity and inclusion process can help an organisation discover new ways to approach their markets, their operations and their business model.

Diversity and Inclusion Awareness and Adherence Reduces Legal Exposure, Costs and Adverse Publicity

Organisations having implemented a comprehensive diversity and inclusion process that includes diversity training accompanied by a zero tolerance for any harassment are in a stronger position to prevent harassing and discriminatory behaviours before they occur. Additionally, organisations who promote diversity and inclusion can help protect themselves from regulatory actions, expensive lawsuits and negative and embarrassing publicity. Organisations who do not train their leadership teams to uphold diversity and inclusion policies and prevention programme are in a more precarious situation when faced with a harassment or discrimination lawsuit.

Profitability – Inclusion and Diversity Training are only two parts of a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion organisational strategy.

It makes organisations stronger and a better place to work. It enables organisations to serve diverse customers’ needs better and offer outstanding services to all their client and people. The possibilities to deliver more value to stockholders.

I am passionate about Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. I have spoken at a wide range of conferences and events on topics including:

  1. Women’s Self-Inclusion into Leadership.
  2. Pushing through fear, imperfections and stereotypes to get the life you deserve.
  3. Why Unconscious Bias is Not Bad
  4. Neurodiversity, Asperger’s, and Cassandra Syndrome

Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to come and give a keynote or inspirational speech at your event or organisation.

Here is a snapshot of what previous audience members have said about me:

“Amina spends as much time in the audience as she does on stage. She uses peer-to-peer coaching exercises and interactive social science research to drive audience engagement.”

“Enthusiastic, fun, and helpful. Amina will get your team and your audience empowered with actionable takeaways.”

“Expert on the subject. Amina understands her audience and tailor talks to ensure maximum impact.”

“Authentic, intentional, and persuasive, she inspires transformation.”

“Amina has fearless, inspirational, and enjoyable attitude which loosens up the audience accelerates connection and deepens inspiration because your audience will be both entertained and engaged Regardless of the size of your event.”

I am waiting to have a chat with you about your dreams… How can I be of help?

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