Can you help with my research and share your views?

I am a PhD student at De Montfort University. I am seeking Asian and African Women to help understand the drivers & barriers affecting Highly Skilled Migrant Women applying for senior leadership positions.

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Reasons for you to take part in this Research

By sharing your views you will e helping to build an understanding of factors and issues that migrant women like you and me face on their journey to the to the top, aside from systemic barriers. The responses will go a long way towards forcing employers to pay more attention to the needs of migrants. There is currently very limited research that links migrants to leadership. If any meaningful change is to come along, there is need for more research that gives a voice to migrant women. That is the power that you will bring to the table.

Why this research is important

There is need to rewrite the narrative of what is seen as good research. Activist research is an area of research that is growing in academia. If we stand up for ourselves and demand change, our descendants will have an easier life in leadership of organisations. 

To check if I can Interview You Please Complete a Short Survey