Our Roots Our Pains

A book about ‘Coping with the Pains of  Nigeria’s 2019 Elections by Clara Meierdierks. 

Our latest book release at Diverse Cultures Publishing is an interesting one.  The Title is:

Our Roots Our Pains: Coping with the Pains of  Nigeria’s 2019 Elections

It is always an honour to help our authors to express their thoughts and feelings without being forced into the norm. This book is a touching and poignant account of what the author was experiencing throughout the campaign period of the 2019 elections in Nigeria. These elections were complicated to the point of being postponed.

Clara is Nigerian and German. She lives in Lilienthal in the Saxony region of Germany with her husband, daughter, and parents in law.  They are her family, and she belongs there, but at the same time, her roots are in Nigeria, where she grew up with her late parents and siblings. Her two worlds are at harmony most of the time, but in times like the waiting period, they can collide.

Clara explains it all in her book, which is now available on Amazon.

You can read the synopsis from the book below:

The Nigerian elections 2019 have been the most charged and long-awaited yet. For Nigerians and those who care about this great country, the effects are beyond visual. The pains caused when our roots are destroyed, where else can we call home!

The book ‘Our roots Our Chains’ is a guide to heal the pains and give us hope. When we get lost elsewhere our roots give us the hope‚ the anchor and the feelings of being wanted again.

This book shares an account of my thoughts, pains and ways of coping with the pains of the corruption, violence and indeed the uncalled-for postponement of the Nigerian elections.

About the Author

Clara Meierdierks is a Nigerian born German Author, Nurse, Midwife and Respiratory Care Practitioner.  She is a freelance, motivational writer, speaker, poet, and blogger. She was born and raised in Nigeria. She left Nigeria for Germany for further studies and later started her family in Lilienthal, a place she calls her second home. She is married to Hagen and they have a daughter Shanaya. Clara is contributing to the world through writing which she loves.

To get a copy of the book by visiting the Amazon websites; Click the link Germany, or this link for the UK.  In your home country, search for Clara Meierdierks on Amazon site where you are. Alternatively, you can reach Clara via her website www.claram.net. You can also check your books stores; the book will mainly be stored online and made available to you when you order.

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