Migrant Women’s Self-Inclusion into Leadership.

In 2010, Amina Chitembo, the then CEO of BME Community Services, West Sussex was accompanied by two international PhD students from the University of Chichester who showcased their work on the ‘The Perfect Migrant: the crisis of Migrants in Europe’ on the global stage.

Amina and the students, Carolene Ayaka from Kenya and Amanda Muscat from Malta are both studying for PhDs at the University and were invited to be part of a conference panel looking at a range of migration issues. The panel also included Professor Chris Gaine, a leading expert in migration and Chair of Social Policy at the University.

The conference was held at The Hague in the Netherlands, next door to the International War Crimes Tribunal, between 3 – 4 October 2010, it brought together experts in migration from around the world.

The panel examined the experiences and plight of diverse groups of Africans in Europe:

  • The Perfect Migrants – The plight of Zambian and Zimbabwean nurses recruited into the UK’s care homes,
  • French-speaking people from Cameroon now living in London, educated Kenyan and Nigerian women in Leeds negotiating their identities about their pasts and futures
  • Somalian, Sudanese and Eritrean refugees, arriving by boat in Malta.

In 2019, Amina Chitembo is returning to the International Metropolis Conference in Canada from 24 to 28 June 2019.  She will be aiming to present her paper on Migrant Women’s Self-Inclusion into Leadership — a topic related to her PhD research. The theme of the Metropolis Conference this year is ‘The Promise of Migration: Inclusion, Economic Growth and Global Cooperation.

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