How We Have to Change Our Mindset to Playing Big

On Saturday 22 September 2018, I spoke at the International Women’s Empowerment Summit in Cologne, Germany. The Summit brought together Women from around Europe, It was organised by Laura Tinzoh and the team at LaTinzoh Investments and German-based entrepreneur. The event was very well organised and enlightening for all the women in attendance. It was one of the very few events I have attended in a non-English speaking country with two Languages (German and English), which for me was a breath of fresh air.

Here is my talk. It was recorded by a friend Clara Meierdiecks on my new Samsung S9. Enjoy!



My talk focused on encouraging women to go for whatever dreams they want without hesitation and waiting for the right moment, qualification or mentor. We must accept and appreciate that we have challenges on our journey to developing a business or career while raising a family. I discussed points covered in the slide deck below.


If you have any questions about this talk or my work. feel free to leave me a comment here or contact me. I would like to share my special thanks for all the people who I have referenced in this book.

Special credit and mention to:

Laura Tinzoh for the wonderful summit

Clara M – for catching this on a mobile phone for more people to hear and share the message.

Tara Mohr and book Playing Big which made me realise I was playing small and now I can’t help but share her message with women I encounter.

Cheryl Sandberg and her inspiring book – Lean In

Mel Robbins’ interview youtube

Jon Jorgenson who’s special messages inspires women.

Ali Abdoul– My Husband for allowing me to Play Big!

Linda Elis Eastman for giving a chance to co-author way back in 2009.

All the lovely people who have been of great help to me




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