How Self-Evaluation Can Help Your Self-Inclusion into Leadership When You Have​ Lost Your Job

The economy seems to be having detrimental effects on even seemingly stable businesses. Many companies are shutting their doors, and more people are losing jobs or having their hours cut. This is leading to an extremely competitive employment market.

So how can you make yourself stand out when you get caught up in this situation?

Well, the truth is that losing your job can lead to a loss of confidence or the feeling of not being good enough. That is where personal development can help, there are many books you can read on the subject of self-improvement, they teach some ideas on how you can stand out from the rest.

It is critical that you evaluate your skills and talents before creating or updating your professional resume or CV. You must take time for yourself to seriously think about what you have to offer your potential employer. Write down all your positive attributes and skills on paper. Also, write down honestly all the areas or attribute you are missing to get to your new job. You may also search the internet for jobs similar to what you want and check out what skills the employers are seeking.

It is important to write down the skills that you are missing. That way you know where to concentrate your training efforts.

This will help you best when job searching as you can compensate for the missing skills or learn them. Not all employers want someone who has 100% the skills they are looking for, however, they will look favourably at someone who is showing enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Recognising and acknowledging your missing skills means you can do something about them, and that is the first step to self-improvement, which will increase your chances of finding that dream job. There are a few key factors that will maximise the effectiveness of your self-inclusion efforts.

What do I mean by self-inclusion and self-improvement?

We are all inherently born to want to be given things. Think about it, from an early age you want everything your mother is holding. We all enjoy receiving gifts. Equally, when we lose a job something in us is always hoping someone will come and say, here take this job. The reality though is that no one is coming. You have to put in the leg work. True self-improvement starts when you actively decide to work towards your personal development and choose to include yourself in that growth team. Self-inclusion is about asking for what you want. Not waiting for it to happen to you.

Follow your gut instinct about the job you want and go all out to get it. For example, Danielle really wanted to become a Psychotherapist, but working for years as a business analyst her company seemed to make it a far-fetched dream, until one day her director called her to the office and told her that the company was going through restructuring and her position is one of those earmarked to go. The news was devastating to her, a forty-something-year-old pre-menopausal woman with a million responsibilities on her shoulder.

After days of gathering the courage to break the news to her grown-up daughters, she finally sat down with them and shared the news.

To her surprise, her daughters seemed not bothered about her predicament, then one of them uttered, “well great news mum, now you can go and train to be a psychotherapist. Let us start doing some research on the course and how you can fund it.”

Up until this stage, she had not even thought that anyone had been listening to her wanting to become a psychotherapist let alone them even helping her to look into the course requirements.

Whatever you are given that is your calling, it will come naturally if you give it a thought and you visualise what the future will be like. You can be in a job that is paying your bills for years, you will never be truly happy until you answer your calling.

Danielle undertook her self-evaluation, found out what skills she needed. She then applied for a degree course, was accepted, and three years later she proudly graduated. She was not even 50 at the time. She set up her own practice under the mentorship of a more experienced coach. She was no longer at risk of anyone taking her job away from her as she was now the leader of her life and living her truth. The loss of her previous job was a distant memory.

So, if you have just been told the bad news, take heart you are not alone, and there is a lot of help out there. Even if you have not yet lost it, I am hoping this article will help you think and plan to follow your calling. Here are some points for you to think about during your self-evaluation.

Ask yourself: Think of what areas most need to be improved, be honest, be specific, repeat this exercise a few times to remind you of all the things you may not have included the first time around. Also, realise that this is very specific to you, so write as many things as you can.

Ask for help: Ask a trusted friend to tell you about some of the areas they feel you have strengths in, this will surprise you as they may come up with a whole list of things you may not have thought about.

Develop a skills update training plan: Spend some time planning the training you may require, then list them in order of priority and where possible write down the essential list and the desired list. i.e. the training which you must have (essential) and the training which will be good to have (desired). Remember to balance technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills are your trade or professional skills whereas the soft skills are the real-world skills, which are also essential to working with others.

Acknowledge the fear but do it anyway: Everyone fears at some point, but if you let it rule you, it will keep you from reaching your dreams, I wrote a book, Pushing through Fear, Stereotypes and imperfections. You can check this out by typing my name into Amazon. If you struggle with negative self-talk, this book will be a helpful tool for you.

There you have it, I wish you all the best in your change. Go out there and achieve your dream go, self-include, do not wait, create the opportunity.

If you would like to book a chat with me to see if I can help you decide what you can do with your life, book a 30 minutes slot with me and let us talk.

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